Alike Quotes

All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. (“Anna Karenina”)

Like will to like.

The similarities between me and my father are different. (Yogi’s son, also a professional baseball player, is reputed to have this)

It were not best that we should all think alike; it is difference of opinion that makes horse races.

A crab does not give birth to a bird.

The prophet and the quack are alike admired for a generation, and admired for all the wrong reasons.

We are all alike on the inside.

By nature, men are nearly alike; by practice, they get to be wide apart.

The law of dislike for the unlike will always prevail. And whereas the unlike is normally situated at a safe distance, the Jews bring the unlike into the heart of every milieu, and must there defend a frontier line as large as the world.

Love, all alike, no season knows, nor clime, nor hours, days, months, which are the rags of time.