Antisemitism Quotes

They remain our daily murderers and bloodthirsty foes in their hearts. Their prayers and curses furnish evidence of that, as do the many stories which relate their torturing of children and all sorts of crimes for which they have often been burned at the stake or banished.

We pray for the perfidious Jews.

Whoever would like to cherish such adders and puny devils – who are the worst enemies of Christ and us all – to befriend them and to do them honor simply in order to be cheated, plundered, robbed, disgraced, and forced to howl and curse and suffer every kind of evil, to him I would […]

Undoubtedly they do more and viler things than those which we know and discover.

If I had power over the Jews, as our princes and cities have, I would deal severely with their lying mouth.

They (rulers) must act like a good physician who, when gangrene has set in proceeds without mercy to cut, saw, and burn flesh, veins, bone, and marrow. Such a procedure must also be followed in this instance. Burn down their synagogues, forbid all that I enumerated earlier, force them to work, and deal harshly with […]

My essay, I hope, will furnish a Christian (who in any case has no desire to become a Jew) with enough material not only to defend himself against the blind, venomous Jews, but also to become the foe of the Jews’ malice, lying, and cursing, and to understand not only that their belief is false […]

What shall we do with… the Jews?… I advise that all their prayer books and Talmudic writings… are to be taken from them.

What shall we do with… the Jews?… I advise that safe-conduct on the highways be abolished completely for the Jews.

What shall we do with… the Jews? I advise that their rabbis be forbidden to teach on pain of loss of life and limb.