Armed Quotes

When William Penn was convinced of the principles of Friends, and became a frequent attendant at their meetings, he did not immediately relinquish his gay apparel; it is even said that he wore a sword, as was then customary among men of rank and fashion. Being one day in company with George Fox (the founder […]

It is most meet we arm us ‘gainst the foe; For peace itself should not so dull a kingdom, Though war nor no known quarrel were in question, But that defences, musters, preparations, Should be maintain’d, assembled and collected, As were a war in expectation. (Henry V)

Our arms will never be used to strike the first blow in any attack.

If football players were armed with guns, there wouldn’t be stadiums large enough to hold the crowds.

Ah! What avails the classic bent And what the cultured word, Against the undoctored incident That actually occurred? And what is Art whereto we press Through paint and prose and rhyme – When Nature in her nakedness Defeats us every time? It is not learning, grace nor gear, Nor easy meat and drink, But bitter […]

Did I realize the difference that organized science must mean? Two hundred years ago determined citizens with muskets were almost as good as the King’s armies. Now the apparatus is so much more complex. A central government which can rely on its armed forces is able to stay in power for ever… I thought he […]

Love and Death once ceased their strife At the Tavern of Man’s Life. Called for wine, and threw-alas!- Each his quiver on the grass. When the bout was o’er they found Mingled arrows strewed the ground. Hastily they gathered then Each the lives and loves of men. Ah, the fateful dawn deceived! Mingled arrows each […]

These people may say they think arms are for hugging, but the inescapable logic of their position is that thugs are for arming.

Not by force of arms are civilizations held together, but by subtle threads of moral and intellectual principle.

Armaments were not created chiefly for the protection of the nations but for their enslavement