Art Quotes

I believe great art is discovered when you are consistent, a hard worker, and combine that with vision – your gift finds its home at some point.

People who are pushed toward the arts are sometimes flying a little too close to the sun.

In art lies men’s desire for crystallization.

I have always thought and felt that my art might also help others understand their search for sanity.

One stroke can be a completed work of art.

It is better to paint a good unfinished picture than a poor completed one.

It suits my pictures to hang together; they lose something displayed with others.

The way it is going now the situation could easily become commercialized and I find myself bringing out work which could be regarded as kitsch—I have worked against that all of my life.

I was always good at math, and I was going to be an engineer, because you had to have a real job. Where I come from, there are no artists; artists were teaching at the high school down the street.

I think of Terrence Malick’s movie “Days of Heaven”—one of Richard Gere’s first movies—you can push pause on almost any image in the movie and it looks like a painting.