Authors Quotes

The faults of great authors are generally excellences carried to an excess.

I wonder whether Salman Rushdie would have written “The Satanic Verses” if he had been born as handsome as Imran Khan.

It is scarcely possible at once to admire and excel an author, as water rises no higher than the reservoir it falls from.

Posterity is that which is denied an author until he is in the public domain.

A successful (software) tool is one that was used to do something undreamed of by its author.

The reason that there are so few good books written is that so few people who write know anything.

When I want to read a book, I write one.

The present age, if we consider chiefly the state of our own country, may be stiled with great propriety The Age of Authors; for, perhaps, there never was a time, in which men of all degrees of ability, of every kind of education, of every profession and employment, were posting with ardour so general to […]

Great literature must spring from the upheaval in the author’s soul. If that upheaval is not present, then it must come from the works of any other author which can be easily adapted.

An author who speaks about his own books is almost as bad as a mother who talks about her own children.