Bargain Quotes

My old father used to have a saying: If you make a bad bargain, hug it all the tighter.

It’s just as unpleasant to get more than you bargain for as to get less.

Man is an animal that makes bargains; no other animal does this – one dog does not change a bone with another.

A bargain is something you cannot use at a price you cannot resist.

Good bargains are pickpockets.

A man is a person who will pay two dollars for a one-dollar item he wants. A woman will pay one dollar for a two-dollar item she doesn’t want.

The cheese is always free in a mousetrap.

Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.

It is a bad bargain, where both are losers.

There are very honest people who do not think that they have had a bargain unless they have cheated a merchant.