Beard Quotes

That ornamental excrement that grows beneath the chin.

Facial hair on men is also a powerful symbol. It represents nonconformity, masculinity and unruliness.

There was an old man with a beard, Who said: ‘It is just as I feared! Two owls and a hen, Four larks and a wren Have all built their nests in my beard.’

Kissing a fella with a beard is like a picnic. You don’t mind going through a little brush to get there.

Of the seven dwarves only Dopey had a shaven face This should tell us something about the custom of shaving.

Beatrice: Just, if he send me no husband; for the which blessing I am at him upon my knees every morning and evening. Lord, I could not endure a husband with a beard on his face: I had rather lie in the woollen. Leonarto:You may light on a husband that hath no beard. Beatrice: What […]

The modern man has his own reasons for growing it. The primary one is to be traced to one of the dictionary meanings of the word. Beard means ‘to oppose ‘ The modern man, by growing a beard, is registering his opposition to the increasing dominance of the fair sex. He realizes that the father-figure […]

A beard covers a multitude of chins.

How come, on TV, men with pointy beards are evil, men with rounded beards are lovable fools who die, and men with sideburns are jerks?

One day soon the Gillette company will announce the development of a razor that, thanks to a computer microchip, can actually travel ahead in time and shave beard hairs that don’t even exist yet.