Beg-begglng Quotes

I gave a beggar from my little store of well-earned gold. He spent the shining ore and came again, and yet again, still cold and hungry as before. I gave a thought, and through the thought of mine he found himself, the man, supreme, divine! Fed, clothed, and crowned with blessings manifold, and now he […]

Beggars mounted run their horses to death. (Henry VI)

Be not made a beggar by banqueting on borrowing. (Ecclesiasticus 18:13)

Neither beg of him who has been a beggar, nor serve him who has been a servant.

Give a beggar a bed and he’ll repay you with a louse.

Beggars can never be bankrupts.

Beggars fear no rebellion.

Beggars breed and rich men feed.

Beggars can’t be choosers.

God help the rich, the poor can beg.