Black Quotes

My Jewish brothers and sisters had Hitler, who was a madman, who filmed everything. They have documents, but my people don’t have documents. We don’t have film. We have spoken word.

A tribute to our people’s commitment to peaceful change is the fact that the only South Africans to win the Nobel Peace Prize are both black. Our people are peace-loving to a fault.

On the road to equality there is no better place for blacks to detour around American values than in forgoing its example in the treatment of its women and the organization of its family life.

My ancestors have been in America since the early 17th century, and for the first 244 years they didn’t have any trouble finding a job.

All token blacks have the same experience. I have been pointed at as a solution to things that have not begun to be solved, because pointing at us token blacks eases the conscience of millions, and I think this is dreadfully wrong.

We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock. Plymouth Rock landed on us.

If you are going to think black, think positive about it. Don’t think down on it, or think it is something in your way. And this way, when you really do want to stretch out, and express how beautiful black is, everybody will hear you… How can you not stand tall? – because you are […]

The system in this country cannot produce freedom for an Afro-American. It is impossible for this… economic system, this political system, this social system, this system period.

The way I was taught, being black was a plus, always. Being a human being, being in America, and being black, all three were the greatest things that could happen to you. The combination was unbeatable.

Those social workers and sociologists – they tried to take me apart. Especially the black ones, for some reason… If I wasn’t “polarizing the community,” according to this bunch, I had “erroneously appraised the radical picture.”… One of my Mosque Seven Muslim brothers who worked with teenagers in a well-known Harlem community center showed me […]