Blessing Quotes

To be able to have someone to go to that you trust, that you know has got your back, to have that in life is so precious, it’s a blessing.

The recognition of God as the ruling and leading power in the universe and the grateful acknowledgment of His favors and blessings are necessary to the best type of citizenship.

There’s no disaster that can’t become a blessing, and no blessing that can’t become a disaster.

I always try to count my blessing, but I am no good at fractions.

Imposition, n. The act of blessing or consecrating by the laying on of hands – a ceremony common to many ecclesiastical systems, but performed with the frankest sincerity by the sect known as Thieves.

Count your blessings.

The province of philosophy is not so much to prevent calamities befalling as to demonstrate that they are blessings when they have taken place.

It is a blessing in disguise.

If this is a blessing, it is certainly very well disguised.

May you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp, and peace in your heart.