Blushing Quotes

When a girl ceases to blush, she has lost the most powerful charm of her beauty.

Blushing is the color of virtue.

Men blush less for their crimes than for their weaknesses and vanity.

The modest fan was lifted up no more, and virgins smiled at what they blushed before.

For repeating themselves from the first kiss to the last sigh, the average man’s love affairs have History blushing with envy.

He who blushes at riding in a rattletrap, will boast when he rides in style.

Self-sacrifice enables us to sacrifice other people without blushing.

A corporation cannot blush. It is a body, it is true; has certainly a head – a new one every year; arms it has and very long ones, for it can reach at anything;… a throat to swallow the rights of the community, and a stomach to digest them! But who ever yet discovered, in […]

To blush at vice shows the world you are ashamed of it.

Better a blush in the face than a spot in the heart.