Body Quotes

The tooth fairy teaches children that they can sell body parts for money.

When you have both feet on the ground, you don’t have far to fall.

No leg’s too short to reach the ground.

This body is not a home but an inn, and that only briefly.

One way to keep your feet on the ground is to put a heavy responsibility on your shoulders.

This is my house – it is not I:

O flesh, flesh, how art thou fishified. (Romeo and Juliet)

Have both feet on the ground.

The human body is a machine which winds its own springs.

I will give out divers schedules of my beauty. It shall be inventoried; and every particle and utensil labelled to my will: as, item, two lips, indifferent, red; item, two gray eyes with lids to them; item, one neck, one chin, and so forth. (Twelfth Night)