Breast - Breastfeeding Quotes

I’m not really a jam person – my family and I mostly do the hand-to-mouth method. The moss around the lava all around Reykjavík is covered in berries. People just sort of sit on the ground and pick them straight into their mouths. It has the most vitamins to do it straight. Just like breastmilk, […]

I don’t know if I’m supporting them, or they’re supporting me.

My opinion is that anybody offended by breastfeeding is staring too hard.

I do have big tits. Always had ’em – pushed ’em up, whacked ’em around. Why not make fun of ’em? I’ve made a fortune with ’em.

I let go of her wrists, closed the door with my elbow and slid past her. It was like the first time. ‘You ought to to carry insurance on those,’ I said.

There’s not going to be no wardrobe malfunction this evening. But as tight as my clothes are there’s no telling what will happen. If it does happen, I’m going to wipe out the first three rows.

How do you like them? like a pear, a lemon, a la Montgolfier, half an apple, or a canteloupe? Go and choose, don’t be embarrassed.

Breast and bosoms I have known Of varied shapes and sizes From poignant disappointments To jubilant surprises.

“She was an Artist, and to her the human body was simply a Mass, with a variety of Planes… Nobody connected with the Little Theatre quite liked to explain to Mrs Crundale that the breasts of several well-known young ladies of Salterson, though undoubtedly Planes, had other connotations, and could not fittingly be unveiled at […]

I love breasts, hard Full breasts, guarded By a button. They come in the night. The bestiaries of the ancients Which include the unicorn Have kept them out. Pearly, like the east An hour before sunrise, Two ovens of the only Philosopher’s stone Worth bothering about. They bring on their nipples Beads of inaudible sighs, […]