Catholic Quotes

The Catholic Church alone is the body of Christ.

For since it is the will of Divine providence that we should have the God-Man through Mary, there is no other way for us to receive Christ except from her hands.

It must be held as a matter of faith that outside the Apostolic Roman Church no one can be saved.

Any person who has had much contact with freethinking people must have been struck by the remarkable difference between those of Catholic and of Protestant origin, however much they may imagine that they have thrown off the theology that they were taught in youth. The difference between Protestant and Catholic is just as marked among […]

It was happy for the country that Queen Elizabeth found it in her interest to embrace the Protestant religion, and that, by the foolish as well as atrocious plots of the Roman Catholics, she was forced to cultivate still more strongly the affections of the Protestant party. Boast as we may of our Constitution, had […]

The fashion just now is a Roman Catholic frame of mind with an Agnostic conscience; you get the mediaeval picturesqueness of the one with the modern conveniences of the other.

I’m one of the cliffhanging Catholics. I don’t believe in God, but I do believe that Mary was his mother.

And the generalissimo, the Prime Minister of Russia, leaned on the table, and he pulled his mustache like that, and looked over at Mr. Churchill and said: “Mr. Churchill, Mr. Prime Minister, how many divisions did you say the pope had?”

Now when you speak of the Inquisition, you have to be specific as to which Inquisition you are referring. There were several of them which were spread over several countries of Europe, and which spanned a time frame of just over six centuries. Each was formed to counter a serious heretical threat to the Catholic […]

We declare say, define and pronounce that it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of every human creature to be subjected to the Roman Pontiff