Chastity Quotes

A pure mind in a chaste body is the mother of wisdom and deliberation; sober counsels and ingenuous actions; open deportment and sweet carriage; sincere principles and unprejudiced understanding; love of God and self-denial; peace and confidence; holy prayers and spiritual comfort; and a pleasure of spirit infinitely greater than the sottish pleasure of unchastity.

The generative energy, which, when we are loose, dissipates and makes us unclean, when we are continent invigorates and inspires us. Chastity is the flowering of man; and what are called Genius, Heroism, Holiness, and the like, are but various fruits which succeed it. Man flows at once to God when the channel of purity […]

Chastity – you can carry it too far.

It is amusing that a virtue is made of the vice of chastity; and it’s a pretty odd sort of chastity at that, which leads men straight into the sin of Onan, and girls to the waning of their color.

I have been so misused by chaste men with one wife, that I would live with satyrs all my life.

If not chastely, at all events cautiously.

Beneath this stone I lie, the famous woman who loosed her zone to one man only.

She is chaste who was never asked the question.

A woman’s chastity consists, like an onion, of a series of coats.

There are no chaste minds. Minds copulate wherever they meet.