Civil Rights Quotes

There is no constitutional right for any race to be preferred… If discrimination based on race is constitutionally permissible when those who hold the reins can come up with compelling” reasons to justify it, then constitutional guarantees acquire accordion-like quality.

We have got to get it together and understand. People say, ‘It’s not the American way to infringe on civil liberties.’ Well, it’s not the American way to roll over for punks, either.

The law, in our case, seems to make the right; and the very reverse ought to be done – the right should make the law.

All I felt was tired. Tired of being pushed around. Tired of seeing the bad treatment and disrespect of children, women and men just because of the color of their skin. Tired of Jim Crow laws. Tired of being oppressed. I was just plain tired. I felt the Lord would give me strength to endure […]

Those of us who grew up in the Sixties feel we shared a unique experience. From the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley, to the Civil Rights movements in the south, to the Vietnam War and the Counterculture, and everywhere in between, the Sixties represent a significant time period in our country’s history.