Comedy Quotes

Comic vision often leads to serious solutions.

Comedy is the art of making people laugh without making them puke.

In all comedy there is something regressive that takes us back to the world of play that we first knew as children.

A chuckle a day may not keep the doctor away, but it sure does make those times in life’s wanting room a little more bearable.

The whole object of comedy is to be yourself and the closer you get to that, the funnier you will be.

Comedy is the last refuge of the nonconformist mind.

Some forms of reality are so horrible we refuse to face them, unless we are trapped into it by comedy. To label any subject unfit for comedy is to admit defeat.

Younger comics who for 30 years have despised Hope as a pro-war establishment suck-up forget that he more or less invented the form they work in: the relaxed guy who strolls on and does topical observational gags about the world we live in. When he started eight decades ago, there were no “stand-ups”; it was […]

Comedy keeps the heart sweet.

Riots and comedy are but symptoms of the times, profoundly revealing. They betray the psychological tone, the deep uncertainties… and the striving for something better, plus the fear that nothing would come of it all.