Cooperation Quotes

There is nothing in art, in philosophy, or in politics to match the fervor of mutual cooperation among discordant bands of fanatics.

Many hands make light work.

It takes no genius to observe that a one-man band never gets very big.

One hand cannot applaud.

The purpose of life is to collaborate for a common cause; the problem is nobody seems to know what it is.

Help thy brother’s boat across, and Lo! thine own has reached the shore.

You must offer a benefit to assure cooperation. This applies to marketing, advertising, employee and employer relations and your everyday dealings with people.

None of us are as smart as all of us.

Where no man thinks himself under any obligation to submit to another, and, instead of co-operating in one great scheme, every one hastens through by-paths to private profit, no great change can suddenly be made; nor is superior knowledge of much effect, where every man resolves to use his own eyes and his own judgment, […]

A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle.