Countryside Quotes

Have you not learned that not stocks or bonds or stately homes or products of mill or field are our country? It is the splendid thought that is in our minds.

When I am in the country I wish to vegetate like the country.

There is nothing good to be had in the country, or, if there be, they will not let you have it.

In Rome you long for the country; in the country oh inconstant! you praise the distant city to the stars.

No wise man will go to live in the country, unless he has something to do which can be better done in the country. For instance, if he is to shut himself up for a year to study science, it is better to look out to the fields, than to an opposite wall. Then, if […]

You hunt in the morning (says he), and crowd to the public rooms at night, and call it diversion; when your heart knows it is perishing with poverty of pleasures, and your wits get blunted for want of some other mind to sharpen them upon. There is in this world no real delight (excepting those […]

The town where I grew up has a zip code of E-I-E-I-O.

I suppose the pleasure of country life lies really in the eternally renewed evidences of the determination to live.

My living in Yorkshire was so far out of the way, that it was eleven miles away from a lemon.

Anybody can be good in the country.