Critic - Criticism Quotes

Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others.

Never trust a man who speaks well of everybody.

Long experience has taught me that to be criticized is not always to be wrong.

Critics!… those cut-throat bandits in the path of fame.

One should never criticize his own work except in a fresh and hopeful mood. The self-criticism of a tired mind is suicide.

Blame is safer than praise.

Blame where you must, be candid where you can, and be each critic the good-natured man.

Men in authority will always think that criticism of their policies is dangerous. They will always equate their policies with patriotism, and find criticism subversive.

Criticism should not be querulous and wasting, all knife and rootpuller, but guiding, instructive, inspiring.

Not long ago a much esteemed writer informed the world that he felt “disposed to cry out with delight” before a figure by Michael Angelo. I wonder whether he would feel disposed to cry out before a real Michael Angelo, if the critics had decided that it was not genuine, or before a reputed Michael […]