Cruel Quotes

I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature.

Th’ fav’rite pastime iv civilized man is croolty to other civilized man.

If one is cruel to himself, how can we expect him to be compassionate with others?

Cruelty, like every other vice, requires no motive outside of itself; it only requires opportunity.

When we think of cruelty, we must try to remember the stupidity, the envy, the frustration from which it has arisen.

If it were absolutely necessary to choose, I would rather be guilty of an immoral act than of a cruel one.

When a man’s dog turns against him it is time for a wife to pack her trunk and go home to mama.

Fear is the parent of cruelty.

Cruelty is a tyrant that’s always attended with fear.

We forget cruelty and past betrayal, Heedless of where the next bright bolt may fall.