Despise Quotes

By despising all that has preceded us, we teach others to despise ourselves.

A man seldom affects to despise the world unless the world is regardless of him.

What do you despise? By this are you truly known.

A woman’s counsel is not worth much, but he that despises it is no wiser than he should be.

Because the European does not know his own unconscious, he does not understand the East and projects it into everything he fears and despises in himself.

A man must make himself despicable before he is despised by others.

Little minds are too much hurt by little things; great minds are quite conscious of them and despise them.

Do not despise an insignificant enemy or a slight wound.

More sinners are cursed at not because we despise their sins but because we envy their success at sinning.

We often despise what is most useful to us.