Draft Quotes

“FUCK THE DRAFT” Life magazine describes “a big poster to “end” all posters-against-the-draft,” drawn by Steve Kuromiya. The picture shows a young man watching what looks like his draft card go up in flames, “Underneath, in big white letters on a black background, it advises, simply and obscenely, what should be done to the draft.” […]

Big categories were exempted – people that were in college, people that were teaching, people that were married. It varied from time to time, but there were all kinds of exemptions. And what was left was sucked into the intake, trained for a period of months, and then went out, adding no value, no advantage, […]

When our men were drawn out for Canada, a very large bounty was given them, and now another call is made upon us; no one will go without a large bounty though only for two months, and each town seems to think its honor engaged in outbidding the others. The province pay is forty shillings. […]

Maybe the answer to Selective Service is to start everyone off in the army and draft them for civilian life as needed.

He who stays home when the fight begins And lets others fight for his cause should take care: He who does not take part in the battle will share in the defeat. Even avoiding battle does not avoid Battle, since not to fight for your own cause really means Fighting on behalf of your enemy’s […]

I have of late met with abundant reason, to be convinced of the impracticability of Recruiting this Army to the New establishment, in any reasonable time by voluntary Inlistments… the Exigency of our affairs calls aloud for vigorous exertions.

I had other priorities in the 60s than military service.

The French system of conscription brings together a fair sample of classes; ours is composed of the scum of the earth.

Because young men subject to the draft had provided such a reservoir of antiwar opinion during the Vietnam era, proponents (of a renewed draft) seemed to calculate that reviving the eligibility of their sons today would make almost any armed conflict politically impossible… Adding their daughters to the mixture would create even greater havoc with […]

Peacetime conscription is the greatest step toward regimentation and militarism ever undertaken by the Congress of the United States.