Good - Goodness Quotes

I wandered over the land, and good people did not neglect me. After many years, I became old and white; I heard a great deal, many lies and falsehoods, but the longer I lived the more I understood that there were really no lies. Whatever doesn’t really happen is dreamed at night… No doubt the […]

Nothing is so good as it seems beforehand.

Many an attack of depression is nothing but the expression of regret at having to be virtuous.

Next to the might of God, the serene beauty of a holy life is the most powerful influence of good in all the world.

Integrity can be neither lost nor concealed nor faked nor quenched nor artificially come by nor outlived, nor, I believe, in the long run, denied.

We would often be ashamed of our finest actions if the world understood all the motives which produced them.