Honor Quotes

No man of honor, as that word is usually understood, did ever pretend that his honor obliged him to be chaste and temperate, to pay his creditors, to be useful to his country, or to do good to mankind, to endeavor to be wise or learned, to regard his word, his promise, or his oath.

It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles.

You cannot believe in honor until you have achieved it, better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.

Honor is like the eye, which cannot suffer the least impurity without damage. – It is a precious stone, the price of which is lessened by a single flaw.

I don’t fly any awards at the house. Any award you get is usually for something you’ve done in the past. And I like to keep looking forward.

“So this word of honor business – you believe he never breaks it?” “Well – ” “He does, then.” “I have seen him do so. But the cost was huge.” “He breaks it for a price, then.” “Not for a price. At a cost.” “I fail to see the distinction.” “A price is something you […]

All honor’s wounds are self-inflicted.

No amount of ability is of the slightest avail without honor.

One of the greatest sources of suffering is to have an inborn sense of honor.

A man dishonored is worse than dead.