Hunger - Hungry Quotes

Tonight thousands of people on this earth will die of starvation. Most of you will not give a a shit. And most of you will be more upset with the fact that I said, ‘shit’ than that thousands of people will die tonight.

Hunger also changes the world – when eating can’t be a habit, than neither can seeing.

There’s no sauce in the world like hunger.

I’m like anyone else on the planet, I’m very moved by world hunger. I see the same commercials, with those little kids, starving, and very depressed. I watch these things and I go, Fuck, I know the the film crew could give this kid a sandwich! There’s a director five feet away going, ‘Don’t feed […]

Your brain is like your stomach in the sense that if it’s empty, you’re willing to put anything in there to fill it up. (“Dilbert”)