Imperfection Quotes

To arrive at perfection, a man should have very sincere friends or inveterate enemies; because he would be made sensible of his good or ill conduct, either by the censures of the one or the admonitions of the other.

I have no faith in human perfectibility. I think that human exertion will have no appreciable effect upon humanity. Man is now only more active – not more happy – nor more wise, than he was 6000 years ago.

I cling to my imperfection, as the very essence of my being.

Every thing that grows Holds in perfection but a little moment. (Sonnet 15)

If God creates a world of particles and waves, dancing in obedience to mathematical and physical laws, who are we to say that he cannot make use of those laws to cover the surface of a small planet with living creatures? A god whose creation is so imperfect that he must be continually adjusting it […]

“Finality is death. Perfection is finality. Nothing is perfect. There are lumps in it,” said the Philosopher.

I never expect to see a perfect work from an imperfect man.

We are all imperfect. We can not expect perfect government.

No man is free from the terrible burdens of historic events; no nation is composed of angels, free from human frailty. The relevant question is not – is this people perfect? But, what are they doing about the imperfection? In what direction are they moving – and how fast?

This ignorance of history… rampant utopianism. Without the standard of the past, expectations and possibilities are unlimited. The standard then becomes not what is reasonably possible given humanity’s flaws, but absolute perfection. Measured against those sorts of expectations, then of course America falls short, as does every other civilization that has ever existed. Yet with […]