Importance Quotes

What you think of yourself is much more important than what others think of you.

Who we are is more important than what we are or seem to be.

The first time the emperor Han heard a certain Word he said, It is strange. The second time he said, It is divine. The third time he said, Let the speaker be put to death

When I walk on stage, I’ve got to feel like it’s the most important thing in the world. Also I got to feel like, well, it’s only rock and roll.

Never let the urgent crowd out the important.

Life is too important to be taken seriously.

Every man is prompted by the love of himself to imagine that he possesses some qualities, superior, either in kind or degree, to those which he sees allotted to the rest of the world; and, whatever apparent disadvantages he may suffer in the comparison with others, he has some invisible distinctions, some latent reserve of […]

A man is usually as young as he feels, but seldom as important.

How many charming talents have been spoiled by the instilled desire to do ‘important’ work! Some people are born to lift heavy weights. Some are born to juggle with golden balls.

One doesn’t recognize in one’s life the really important moments – until it’s too late.