Independence Quotes

The mind is independent of the man. He has no control over it; it does as it pleases. It will take up a subject in spite of him; it will stick to it in spite of him; it will throw it aside in spite of him. It is entirely independent of him.

I am lord of myself, accountable to none.

I was always an independent, even when I had partners.

As one goes through life one learns that if you don’t paddle your own canoe you don’t move.

It is easy to be independent when you’ve got money. But to be independent when you haven’t got a thing – that’s the Lord’s test.

I am of a sect by myself, as far as I know.

Let all your views in life be directed to a solid, however moderate, independence; without it no man can be happy, nor even honest.

I believe a man is happier, and happy in a richer way, if he has ‘the freeborn mind.’ But I doubt whether he can have this without economic independence, which the new society is abolishing. For economic independence allows an education not controlled by Government; and in adult life it is the man who needs, […]

I wish I could get a man to foot my bills. I’m sick and tired, cooking my own breakfast, sloshing through the rain at 8 A.M., working like a dog. For what? Independence? A lot of independence you have on a woman’s wages. I’d chuck it like that for a decent, or an indecent home.

In this age, the man who dares to think for himself and to act independently does a service to his race.