Islam Quotes

In addition to allegorical interpretation, the idea of progressive revelation is generally absent from Islam, whereas in Judaism and Christianity, it is commonly accepted. The Old Testament has numerous passages that no Jew or Christian would take as marching orders for today. No Christian or Jew is likely to sell his daughter into slavery (Exodus […]

Muhammad is God’s Apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another. (48:29)

For all too many, being a serious Muslim means doing Allah’s work by any means necessary. Of course, most Muslims will never be terrorists. The problem is that for all its schisms, sects and multiplicity of voices, Islam’s violent elements are rooted in its central texts. It is unlikely that the voices of moderation will […]

Abu Huraira reported that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon hlm) said: I have been given superiority over the other prophets in six respects: I have been given words which are concise but comprehensive in meaning; I have been helped by terror (in the hearts of enemies): spoils have been made lawful to […]

In defiance of traditional immigration patterns, Europe’s young Muslims are less assimilated than their parents and grandparents. Instead of becoming more European, they’re becoming more Islamist. If the “root cause” of September 11 is Islam’s difficulty with modernity, we shouldn’t be surprised that this manifests itself less in Indonesia than in Holland, the epitome of […]

There are only two modes of repelling the sin of apostasy, namely, destruction (death) or Islam (returning to Islam), and Islam is preferable to destruction.

Why is it that some Christians cross land and sea, continents and cultures, as missionaries? What on earth impels them? It is not in order to commend a civilization, an institution or an ideology, but rather a person, Jesus Christ, whom they believe to be unique. This is particularly clear in the Christian mission to […]

Every Muslim guilty of the crime of apostasy, whether by word or action, will be invited to repent over a period of three days. If he does not repent within this time limit, he is to be condemned to death as an apostate and his property will be confiscated by the Treasury.

According to some thinkers fundamentalism is nothing but a search by Muslims for self-identity and self-assertion. It is a weapon of self-defense, derived from the available symbols of their culture, against the materialist and bourgeois values of the West. But on calm reflection, it is also something more; it is also their dream of recapturing […]

Allah is its goal, the prophet is its model, the Koran is its constitution, jihad is its path and death for the sake of Allah is its most coveted desire.