Love Quotes

I started taking my little hiatuses from the internet where I just disengage, because you can’t read everything, you can’t respond to everything. And guess what? There are people in your home who actually love you. And sometimes you just have to say, “Do you know what? Goodbye, I’m going to give back the love […]

I had almost forgotten you—but my arms kept remembering.

Football is unconditional love.

I should like to call you by all the endearing epithets, and yet I can find no lovelier word than the simple word “dear,” but there is a particular way of saying it. My dear one, then, I have wept for joy to think that you are mine, and often wonder if 1 deserve you.

My father was a handsome man. I was afraid of him and also a little in love with him.

I do admit to being married to my career. I am. It’s always been my first love. I think that’s a tough one to overcome.

Love is a great beautifier.

Be worthy love, and love will come.

Falling madly in love and getting married would be the most horrific thing that could happen.

The profession of acting, the basic art of acting, is a monstrous thing because it does with the same flesh-and-blood muscles with which you perform ordinary deeds, real deeds. The body with which you make real love is the same body with which you make fictitious love with someone you don’t like. In no other […]