Musicians Quotes

Ike’s problem was that he was a musician that always wanted to be a star; and was a star, locally, but never internationally… so he then changed the name to Ike and changed my name to Tina because if I ran away, Tina was his name. It was patented as you call it.

People who are pushed toward the arts are sometimes flying a little too close to the sun.

We were five years into R.E.M., and I was going through profound depression and a nervous breakdown that took a year and a half to work through. We were still touring and making records and marching forward at this insane velocity, which didn’t help my situation at all.

That first B-52’s album still hasn’t gotten the recognition that it deserves as one of the most groundbreaking and influential records of all time—most certainly on me and everyone around the Athens scene.

George Martin made us what we were in the studio. He helped us develop a language to talk to other musicians.

I was hired to play a wacky drummer on a TV show. That’s how I approached it, and to some degree, I still do. The Monkees, the way I looked at it, wasn’t a band, it was a television show about a band. An imaginary band that existed only on that television show at that […]

As a group, the Monkees were very, very popular. We went to 56 episodes, and we were in 36 countries around the world. The Monkees sold 75 million records. I believe good things stand the test of time.

The Monkees were all about laughter. Ask me why the Monkees are not getting together? They don’t want to have laughter. They want to be serious. I want to make people laugh.

Even though I’ve had plenty of success and I’m very grateful for it, I’m not satisfied by it. I’m always trying to get better. I’m always trying to make my next record better than my last record. I think if you approach your career with that kind of humility and hunger it’ll make you continue […]

One of my favorite phrases was “Dammit, I just know it,” and it ended up in “Jessie’s Girl.” It was a very, very, very personal record. I felt free writing it, which is one of the reasons why it worked.