Night Quotes

When I consider how, after sunset, the stars come out gradually in troops from behind the hills and woods, I confess that I could not have contrived a more curious and inspiring night.

I feel most ministers who claim they’ve heard God’s voice are eating too much pizza before they go to bed at night, and it’s really an intestinal disorder, not a revelation.

The day destroys the night, Night divides the day, Try to run, Try to hide Break on through to the other side.

The night is even more richly colored than the day… If only you pay attention to it you will see that certain stars are citron-yellow, others have a pink glow, or a green, blue and forget-me-not brilliance. And without expatiating on this theme it should be clear that putting little white dots on a blue- […]

I want to live my life so that my nights are full of regrets.

At night there is no such thing as an ugly woman.

Everyone who gets sleepy at night should have a simple decent place to lay their heads, on terms they can afford to pay.

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night.

In the depths of every heart, there is a tomb and a dungeon, though the lights, the music, and revelry above may cause us to forget their existence, and the buried ones, or prisoners whom they hide. But sometimes, and oftenest at midnight, those dark receptacles are flung wide open. In an hour like this, […]

No sight is more provocative of awe than is the night sky.