Noble Quotes

Every noble activity makes room for itself.

Noble life demands a noble architecture for noble uses of noble men. Lack of culture means what it has always meant: ignoble civilization and therefore imminent downfall.

An honest god is the noblest work of man… God has always resembled his creators. Each nation has created a god, and the god has always resembled his creators. He hated and loved what they hated and loved, and he was invariably found on the side of those in power. Each god was intensely patriotic, […]

Be humble for you are made of dung. Be noble for you are made of stars.

American nobility is earned through deeds and is unadorned and uncorrupted by titles.

I long to accomplish a great and noble task; but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.

Be noble! And the nobleness that lies in other men, sleeping, but never dead, will rise in majesty to meet thine own.

Each man has to seek out his own special aptitude for a higher life in the midst of the humble and inevitable reality of daily existence. Than this, there can be no nobler aim in life.

Noble deeds that are concealed are most esteemed.

Aristocracy is always cruel.