Opportunity Quotes

An ostrich with its head in the sand is just as blind to opportunity as to disaster.

Opportunity has hair in front; behind she is bald; if you seize her by the forelock, you may hold her, but, if suffered to escape, not Jupiter himself can catch her again.

Arrange whatever pieces come your way.

Opportunity is often missed because we are broadcasting when we should be tuning in.

The world does not owe men a living, but business, if it is to fulfill its ideal, owes men an opportunity to earn a living.

Even when opportunity knocks a man still has to get up off his seat and open the door.

It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.

Better late than never is poor consolation for the man who has lost the opportunity of a lifetime.

When one door closes, another door always opens, but these long hallways are a real drag.

If a man can afford to sit down and wait for a golden opportunity to come along he doesn’t need it.