Pardons Quotes

God tolerates even our stammering, and pardons our ignorance whenever something inadvertently escapes us – as, indeed, without this mercy there would be no freedom to pray.

Who pardons easily invites offense.

If they have done you injuries, reflect that they have by those means put themselves beneath you. If you avenge yourself and punish them in kind, you restore them to the state of equality which they have lost. But if you pardon them without any punishment, you will fix them in the low state to […]

The kiss of sun for pardon, The song of the birds for mirth, One is nearer God’s Heart in a garden Than anywhere else on earth.

The offender never pardons.

In the context of Christmas and the Holy Year of Redemption, I was able to meet with the person that you all know by name, Ali Agca, who in the year 1981 on the 13th of May made an attempt on my life. But Providence took things in its own hands, in what I would […]

What is tolerance? – it is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other’s folly – that is the first law of nature.

Love truth, but pardon error.

The girl who can her fault deny Will always at the end be winner; ‘Tis she who does for pardon cry – That’s held the sinner.

Men that have much business must have much pardon.