Perform - Performance Quotes

Drama is very important in life: You have to come on with a bang. You never want to go out with a whimper.

I don’t hate myself anymore. I used to hate my work, hated that sexy image, hated those pictures of me on stage, hated that big raunchy person. On stage, I’m acting the whole time I’m there. As soon as I get out of those songs, I’m Tina again.

We were five years into R.E.M., and I was going through profound depression and a nervous breakdown that took a year and a half to work through. We were still touring and making records and marching forward at this insane velocity, which didn’t help my situation at all.

The most dangerous thing is improvising with a band and thinking, “Okay, now’s the time to play that diminished scale,” and somebody in the band is thinking, “Now’s the time to play a major chord.” Those kinds of accidents do happen.

I’m sure everyone has had a dream about flying. That has been one of my driving goals, to recreate that sensation. I’m going to levitate like only I can.

My magic is like thinking about tomorrow: How do I do levitation and not do it in the darkness without being hokey? My audience can relate on an emotional level because there will be flying, flipping and manipulating, practically within arm’s reach.

I admire the late Doug Henning so much; he was such a unique force in the magic world. He had a gentleness and sincerity which made him so loved.

I had some trials and tribulations, and many magicians have said I bring something different to the table.

From the minute you step out of that spotlight, you’ve got to know exactly what you’re doing.

There’s nothing more fun than to play music to an audience. You can improvise at rehearsals, but it’s kind of a dead atmosphere. There’s no audience feedback.