Perform - Performance Quotes

There’s nothing more fun than to play music to an audience. You can improvise at rehearsals, but it’s kind of a dead atmosphere. There’s no audience feedback.

How can you stand the anchorage of a chair and be bombarded with all this intense rhythm and not want to express it physically in movement? I like people to be free, not chained.

I always got nervous before every game I ever played. Right up until game time. Horrible feeling.

The joke comes first and then the wording comes within five seconds, maybe ten seconds. My thing is to get the joke across in as few words as possible. However, sometimes a word that’s not really needed does help the rhythm of it. It’s a gut feeling.

I was performing for thousands of people at night in Vegas, the rush of being a performer, the laughter, the respect… I was a machine.

I don’t think that I can act at all, to be honest. I just can be who I am. I pretend to be this person, whoever it is. I don’t call it acting.

I like performing better than anything in the world.

In my mind, I’ve wanted to do “Company” for a long time. I asked permission from Mr. Sondheim through his people to elevate the age of the main character, who I play. They were sending us emails and saying that there was no problem with that.

I’ve wondered all my working life why people don’t retire in showbusiness, and it’s fairly simple. There’s nobody applauding at home, so we keep going.

It never hurts a fool to appear before an audience, for his capacity is not a capacity for feeling.