Physics Quotes

One thing they don’t tell you about doing experimental physics is that sometimes you must work under adverse conditions – like a state of sheer terror.

In social science, societies are the complex systems, composed of individuals; while in biology, the complex systems are organisms, composed of cells, and ultimately of proteins, DNA and other molecules. A methodological individualist maintains that the right way to approach the study of a society is to investigate the behavior of the individual people that […]

So much of what we said sounded crazy, yet none of it was false… as if two theoretical physicists stood on stage to say that when we travel near lightspeed, we get younger than nontravellers; that a mile of space next to the sun is different from a mile of space next to the earth […]

It is often stated that of all the theories proposed in this century, the silliest is quantum theory. In fact, some say that the only thing that quantum theory has going for it is that it is unquestionably correct.

If you aren’t confused by quantum physics, then you haven’t really understood it.

The theory of quanta can be likened to a medicine that cures the disease but kills the patient.

If anybody says he can think about quantum problems without getting giddy, that only show he has not understood the first thing about them.

A new philosophy emerged called quantum physics, which suggests that the individual’s function is to inform and be informed. You really exist only when you’re in a field sharing and exchanging information. You create the realities you inhabit.

There are no physicists in the hottest parts of hell, because the existence of a “hottest part” implies a temperature difference, and any marginally competent physicist would immediately use this to run a heat engine and make some other part of hell comfortably cool. This is obviously impossible.

Physics isn’t a religion. If it were, we’d have a much easier time raising money.