Piety Quotes

Turkey: A large bird whose flesh, when eaten on certain religious anniversaries, has the peculiar property of attesting piety and gratitude.

The great art of piety, and the end for which all the arts of religion seem to be instituted, is the perpetual renovation of the motives to virtue, by a voluntary employment of our mind in the contemplation of its excellence, its importance, and its necessity, which, in proportion as they are more frequently and […]

A wicked fellow is the most pious when he takes to it. He’ll beat you all at piety.

Campbell is a good man, a pious man. I am afraid he has not been in the inside of a church for many years; but he never passes a church without pulling off his hat. This shows that he has good principles.

As to the common people… one has to be hard with them and see that they do their work and that under the threat of the sword and the law they comply with the observance of piety, just as you chain up wild beasts.

How his piety Does make my deeds the blacker! (The Winter’s Tale)

No, thou villain, thou art full of piety. (Much Ado About Nothing)

Volumes might be written upon the impiety of the pious.

Piety could do nothing better than imitate morality.

Singing “Halleluia” everywhere does not prove piety.