Pity Quotes

A snake deserves no pity.

Beloved, till life can charm no more; And mourned, till Pity’s self be dead.

Compassion is the only one of the human emotions the Lord permitted Himself and it has carried the divine flavor ever since.

What humanity needs is not the promise of scientific immortality, but compassionate pity in this life and infinite mercy on the Day of Judgment.

The look a foundered camel gives when the caravan moves on and leaves it to its fate.

It was a pleasant game to be discovered sobbing wretchedly in the corners of railway carriages or buses in the hope that someone would take pity on me and perhaps give me tea at Fuller’s. This was only rarely successful, the only two responses I can recall being both clergymen. One talked to me for […]

To be unhappy is only half the misfortune to be pitied is misery complete.

Better to be disliked than pitied.

Compassion is the basis of all morality.

More helpful than all wisdom is one draught of simple pity that will not forsake us.