Policy Quotes

International incidents should not govern foreign policy, but foreign policy, incidents.

Although only a few may originate a policy, we are all able to judge it.

At the end of the day, the American people are going to have to decide. No president can pursue a policy for very long without the support and the understanding of the Congress and the American people. That’s been demonstrated over and over again.

There is no such thing as a fixed policy, because policy like all organic entities is always in the making.

A government policy to rob Peter to pay Paul can be assured of the support of Paul

There is an eternal dispute between those who imagine the world to suit their policy, and those who correct their policy to suit the realities of the world.

No matter how disastrously some policy has turned out, anyone who criticizes it can expect to hear: “But what would you replace it with?” When you put out a fire, what do you replace it with.

In the tragic days of Mussolini, the trains in Italy ran on time as never before and I am told in their way, their horrible way, that the Nazi concentration-camp system in Germany was a model of horrible efficiency. The really basic thing in government is policy. Bad administration, to be sure, can destroy good […]

May I also say a few words about my personal belief in the relevance of Christianity to public policy – to the things that are Caesar’s? The Old Testament lays down in Exodus the Ten Commandments as given to Moses, the injunction in Leviticus to love our neighbor as ourselves, and generally the importance of […]

In a scheme of policy which is devised for a nation, we should not limit our views to its operations during a single year; or even for a short term of years. We should look at its operation for a considerable time, and in war as well as in peace.