Relationships Quotes

I used to be a guy who was experiencing the world, and now I feel like the world and the universe are experiencing a guy.

That’s what I tell young people, young couples — it’s gonna come full circle, especially if you have little kids and you’re working, you have a career. You look over at that guy, and you’re like, ‘Ooh, why did I do this? I don’t even remember.’ But you come full circle. Kids are out of […]

Bruce Springsteen is one of my favorite people, not just because of his music, but he’s one of the few men that I know who has really done the work of self-reflection. And he’s willing to share.

The ultimate relationship, I think, as corny as it may sound, is with God and yourself. I’m happiest when I meditate, because you can be anywhere in the world and be anyone and anything and it’s totally unconditional.

Love without attachment is the only way you can stay safe and not get angry or hurt…Love’s a terrible drug.

I believe in love. That’s why hopefully there will be just one more wedding for me. Fourth time’s the charm!

My mother was depressed. She was very sad. She had lost her mother when she was nine. She had really grown up in difficult circumstances. And I felt as a kid growing up there was no greater joy in my life than to sit with my mother — and it gives me chills to think […]

I’m not a true crime guy. I hate that stuff, to be honest. I once dated somebody who loved watching all those documentaries about serial killers. I couldn’t stand it.

We’re on a game show with a bunch of other celebrities who are trying to win $250,000. I get it. People want to win, and they’ll do everything. I was naive about the show. I hadn’t seen that much “Big Brother.” When I have a relationship with someone I’ve known for years and worked on […]

For someone like me, there’s a lot of fractals. There’s me in my house with my loved ones; my neighbours who know me to be a famous person; people in my country who know me to be a famous person; people in other countries who know me to be a famous person. It takes a […]