Slander Quotes

Slander slays three persons: the speaker, the spoken to, and the spoken of.

Slander, Whose sting is sharper than the sword’s. (The Winter’s Tale)

Our nation stands at a fork in the political road. In one direction lies a land of slander and scare; the land of sly innuendo, the poison pen, the anonymous phone call and hustling, pushing, shoving; the land of smash and grab and anything to win. This is Nixonland. But I say to you that […]

After his Ignoble Disgrace, Satan was being expelled from Heaven. As he passed through the Gates, he paused a moment in thought, and turned to God and said, “A new creature called Man, I hear, is soon to be created.” “This is true,” He replied. “He will need laws,” said the Demon slyly. “What! You, […]

The worthiest people are the most injured by slander, as is the best fruit which the birds have been pecking at.

A slander is like a hornet; if you cannot kill it dead the first blow, better not strike at it.

It takes your enemy and your friend, working together, to hurt you to the heart; the one to slander you and the other to get the news to you.

Setting too good an example is a kind of slander seldom forgiven.

If you can forgive the man who wronged you, the neighbor who slandered you and help the poor about you, you need not be particular about making any professions of righteousness.

I hate the man who builds his name on the ruins of another’s fame.