Smells - Smelling Quotes

Cyrus collected together all the camels which had come in the train of his army to carry provisions, and mounted riders upon them… The horse has a natural dread of the camel, and cannot abide either the sight or the smell of that animal. The two armies then joined battle, and immediately, the Lydian war-horses, […]

I would rather smell of nothing than of perfume.

Perfume : any smell that is used to drown a worse one.

It all adds up to this, that when the hideous specter of body odor looms, all human ties are canceled. The offender, whether parent, spouse, or friend, puts himself outside the law. And when lovely woman stoops to B.O., she is a Medusa freezing every male within sniff. On the other hand, when scrubbed, deloused, […]