Virtue Quotes

May the New Year bring you courage to break your resolutions early! My own plan is to swear off every kind of virtue, so that I triumph even when I fall!

I am not a saint. I have done wrong, and I’m not proud of it, but I’m not ashamed of talking about it.

I’ve always tried to do the right thing rather than the popular thing.

I’ve begun to sing with pop singers, which is for me an incredible pleasure. First, I like people—most of the people I work with are absolutely incredible. Others are a little less incredible, but I am not expecting sanctity on this planet. I am not myself a saint.

Virtue is more persecuted by the wicked than loved by the good.

Peace is not a passive but an active virtue. Our Lord never said, “Blessed are the peaceful,” but “Blessed are the peacemakers.”

When we throw off the yoke of public opinion, it is seldom for the purpose of rising above it, but nearly always to fall below.

The myths about Hades and the gods, though they are pure invention, help to make men virtuous.

If you can start the day without caffeine, if you can get going without pep pills, if you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains, if you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles, if you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it, if you can understand […]

Many an attack of depression is nothing but the expression of regret at having to be virtuous.