Herbert Marshall McLuhan Quotes

As an intensification and extension of the visual function, the phonetic alphabet diminishes the role of the other senses of sound and touch and taste in any literate culture. The fact that this does not happen in cultures such as the Chinese, which use nonphonetic scripts, enables them to retain a rich store of inclusive […]

Canada is the only country in the world that knows how to live without an identity.

The artist picks up the message of cultural and technological challenge decades before its transforming impact occurs. He then builds models or Noah’s arks for facing the challenge at hand.

The new age of education is programmed for discovery rather than instruction. Art as radar environment, radar feedback, early warning system: the antennae of the race.

Let us suppose for a moment that the Western world has been hugely fragmented and splintered in its consciousness and its individualism for many centuries. And that under electric conditions it is being integrated and merged together again at a very fast clip. The question for us is, all right, if this is happening, what […]

America is the only country ever founded on the printed word.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything I say.

Advertising is the greatest art form of the twentieth century.