Sidney Hook Quotes

I was guilty of judging capitalism by its operations and socialism by its hopes and aspirations; capitalism by its works and socialism by its literature.

I have not written this book to draw any moral about the past. Nor do I claim that it is “the” truth about the events and persons discussed. Others may have experienced them differently. Although not everything can be seen from any one perspective, what is seen from that perspective is no less true. Some […]

Tolerance always has limits – it cannot tolerate what is itself actively intolerant.

The expression of consent by the majority is not free if it is deprived of access to sources of information, if it can read only the official interpretation, if it can hear only one voice in the classroom, pulpit, and radio.

If one is kept ignorant of alternatives, denied access to information, deprived of the opportunity to influence and be influenced by the opinions of others, consent is not free.

There are few things to which a starving man will not consent

The notion that the course in Western culture can be enriched by adding, to its core list of readings, books by women and persons of color not because they are the best or most appropriate for the subject in hand, but because of the race or sex or class of the author – a kind […]

Although (Bertrand) Russell suffered unpopularity in some quarters for his role as a political dissenter, he enjoyed that role immensely. There was more than a touch of exhibitionism in the riskless sit-downs of his last years when he made well-publicized gestures to “Ban the Bomb” that were as futile as they were ill-advised. I once […]

What is required to live prosperously and peacefully together is not a fixed common doctrine or a fixed body of truths, but a common method or set of fixed rules under which we can live with our differences.

A perpetual invitation to sit down in the face of differences and reason together, to consider the evidence, explore alternative proposals, assess the consequences, and let the decision rest – when matters of human concern are at stake – with the consent of those affected by the proposals.