Sidney Hook Quotes

A threat to deprive the governed of their jobs or means of livelihood, by a group which has the power to do so, would undermine a democracy.

Where the political forms of democracy function within a society in which economic controls are not subject to political control, there is always a standing threat to democracy.

Since what one Court can do, another can undo, in the long run it seems to me that those who wish to keep religion out of the public life of a free society should look primarily to the educational processes of democracy itself rather than to the decrees of the Court to extend the secular […]

I turned to Brecht and asked him why, if he felt the way he did about Jerome and the other American Communists, he kept on collaborating with them, particulary in view of their apparent approval or indifference to what was happening in the Soviet Union… Brecht shrugged his shoulders and kept on making invidious remarks […]

There are some individuals of whom it would not be unjust to or even unkind to say that they had outlived themselves… We all know men and women who have become so transformed by age and experience that they no longer exhibit those distinctive traits of thought, feeling, and character that have defined their personality […]

More important than any belief a man holds is the way he holds it.