Appearance Quotes

A red-nosed man may be a teetotaler, but will find no one to believe it.

Getting talked about is one of the penalties for being pretty, while being above suspicion is about the only compensation for being homely.

There are no greater wretches in the world than many of those whom people in general take to be happy.

Where ambition can cover its enterprises, even to the person himself, under the appearance of principle, it is the most incurable and inflexible of passions.

The Devil hath power To assume a pleasing shape. (Hamlet)

If you’re fourteen and reading this, take solace: You probably look a lot better than you think. And nobody looks like Miss January.

All that glisters is not gold; Often have you heard that told. (The Merchant of Venice)

Beware so long as you live, of judging men by their outward appearance.

How little do they see what is, who frame their hasty judgments upon that which seems.

When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.