Australia Quotes

A sports-obsessed suburban wasteland devoid of cerebral stimulation… If your ambition is to live on Ramsay Street, where nobody has even been heard to discuss a book or a movie, let alone an international event, then Australia may be the place for you. The pain of watching its relentless dilapidation by people too relaxed to […]

At first you have some difficulty understanding it when it is spoken, as rapidly as the orator whom I have quoted speaks it. An illustration will show what I mean. When he called, and I handed him a chair, he bowed and said.”Q” Presently, when we were lighting our cigars, he held a match to […]

Stampeding the Liberal Party into policies would be like stampeding Ayer’s Rock. (Australian Prime Minister, 1983-91)

But South Australia deserves much, for apparently she is a hospitable home for every alien who chooses to come; and for his religion too. Her varieties of religion indicate the presence within her borders of samples of people from pretty near every part of the globe you can think of… You see how healthy the […]

In Australia, you walk across the country, and you find absolutely nothing. And then you die.

I was a man from Australia, the last continent before the penguins at the South Pole, a vast emptiness with a population of only seventeen million people, an unstable blend of European migrant tribes, Asians and a remnant of aboriginal peoples. We were avid tourists and hustling carpetbaggers, sitting on enormous untapped mineral wealth and […]

Australia is an outdoor country. People only go indoors to use the toilet, and that’s only a recent development. (Dame Edna)

From distant climes o’er widespread seas we come. Though not with much eclat or beat of drum, True patriots all; for be it understood. We left our country for our country’s good. (“Our Country’s Good”)

In spite of the well known statistic that Australia has got more culture per square inch than a month old mango, there’s a type of ex-pat Australian journo who gets off on shafting his old mates back home, and, frankly, I wouldn’t piss in his ear if his brain was on fire. (Dame Edna)

To live in Australia permanently is rather like going to a party and dancing all night with one’s mother. There’s something a little unhealthy about it. (Dame Edna)